The Klumpp Companies are founded and operated by Michael and Jaime Klumpp. Based in Central Michigan, Mike and Jaime have an extensive background with many businesss ventures, with a decades' long focus on the Agricultural industry. Both with a passion for entrepreneurship, they have expanded their business portfolio over the years, currently owning multiple companies in the agricultural industry, as well as the insurance, real estate, oil and gas, and merchandising industries. To read more about their various companies, you can visit The Klumpp Companies page.

Mike and Jaime are also the parents to four children, who they have been intentional about including in the family's businesses. Blake is actively involved with Klumpp Companies, working his way up to Director of Sales and Operations for Ag Marvels, the family's industrial hemp processing operation, and their three daughters with their mother/daughter brand, Kai Kai Brai, and the family's specialty farm, Heirloom Grove.

Mike and Jaime and their family are also very passionate about community and giving back efforts. They are proud to use their time and resources to contribute to many great community organizations and causes. To read more about these causes, you can visit the Giving Back page.



Klumpp Companies

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